Rabu, Julai 22, 2009


Well, as the title says, I might have to find someone I want to share my feeling, that is some of the words I say to myself when I was on the road alone with my kelisa, what feeling? Lu pikir ah sendirik,hahaha… Pardon? U asking why am I alone at that time? Well, it is because after what I did this past week after my mak long, pak long, nenek, kak long and brother long back from umrah.. They all came back here after 2 weeks at Mekah and Madinah. It was Saturday, and all my family members and I went to airport to take them home. After hours of waiting, finally my mak long, pak long, nenek, kak long and brother long appeared. After some hugs and kisses, we all head back to my mak long’s house at Taman Melawati. There we have some chit chat, joking around, have some meal, hear all the stories and experience at Tanah Suci from my nenek, laughing and doing others family thing..huhu.. We all had a great time, then when night finally came, everybody went to their home, while me and my lovely kereta kelisa stay at my mak long’s house that night.

Then, comes the Super Sunday, early of the day it was great, we all have some breakfast, then me playing my pak long’s computer (to play facebook, and surf the net..kui kui), have some another round of story from Tanah Suci with this time, I am the only one hearing while the others talking (cause all the others went to Umrah, the only persons not going to umrah in that house at that time is me and my cousin, but that morning my cousin already going out to register his study at ASWARA, and I didn’t have the feeling like going out that morning). Then comes lunch time, so we all ate everything that had be prepared by mak long. After lunch time, hoho..its free time, so everyone can do anything they want. So, what do I do? Alright, read some newspapers, then what do I do next? I do nothing! Owh man, really? Doing nothing? Boooring…come on man, it’s Sunday, and you do nothing? Uuuuu…

So that’s what happen, me doing nothing, and the clock is ticking, oh please, I gotta think of something.. The clock then passes 2 pm, and I still didn’t have any plans. What I do that time is text some of my friend, ask them if they had some free time and if they do, maybe we can hang out together. But, what I got is an empty reply! Ohoho man, you really need a weekend planner man...kui kui kui. The clock is still ticking dude, do something.. Then, after a very deep thought, I had a plan..oh yes man, I do have a plan this time. What was it? I’m going out alone! Yeah man, you read it right, and me also type it write, I’m going out alone..

So around 3 pm, I make my move, I told my grandma and my aunty that I had to go out (with a smiling face) and my grandma just say “okay”. So here I am, alone, in my lovely golden kereta kelisa. So where are you heading dude? Me think to go to Jusco Kepong, too see maybe some bookstore or maybe catch Harry Potter movie. But, so lucky me, I miss the exit way from the highway to the road I’m suppose to take which can take me to Jusco Kepong. So bro, what’s next? Alright, then I decide to go to One Utama, it really is huge shopping complex, so I think maybe to see myself what so great inside. It’s kinda easy to go there, although it was my first time going there, thanks again to Miss Elianez for the direction tips last week. Because me going out alone, I really have to remember everything, especially the place where I park my car, if not, I might ending up crying searching for my kelisa. At last, I finally there, in One Utama, such a huge place, and very crowded also, what so great about this place? Well, you have to go see with your own 2 eyes to know why.

Then, there I am, in the centre of One Utama, wondering by myself, what to look for in here. What I did there alone? Well, just wandering around, see things happens there, see all the hot chicks there, find someplace to ‘ronggeng-ronggeng’ with friends in the future, and of course the place where I really looking forward to when I first enter the building, the cinema..everybody say it together, the CINEMA..as expected, there are so many people there, and of course they all have the same thing in mind, to go watch the movie, and at this time the most anticipating movie is Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. So I went into the long chain of people eagerly to grab a ticket for the Harry Potter movie, the tickets selling fast though, that makes me wondering if I really can snub a ticket for myself with a nice spot to sit. But hey, this is why if you going out alone by yourself are not so bad though, because when you buy a movie ticket, there is a nice seat for you and it is still vacated! Makes me wanna do this going out all alone thing again..huhuhuhu..after I grabbed the ticket, what else to do than to buy yourself a popcorn and a water right, at least they can be my mate during the movie..

The movie is great, full of mysteries, dark, and kind a like a love story a bit, and after seeing the movie, go home and relax myself lah, what else..but, hohoho..not that easy beb, not before I bought myself a Big Apple Donut as a souvenir for myself..kui kui kui..so that’s how I fill my super Sunday, with Harry Potter movie, alone…huhu..kinda pathetic huh? Naaa, it’s normal laa going out alone..come on ah. (really ah?) Man, I wonder what many people will think if they find out I really am wondering around alone by myself in the big and grand shopping mall like One Utama, maybe he/she will say “Man, what a loner”, but naa, Malaysian people are nice, they not talk things in front of others, they say it at their back, so if they do say anything about me being a loner lonely lunatic, I doesn’t even know..kuang kuang kuang..

Dude, do I really need a girl so that what happen to me last week doesn’t happen again? Honestly, I think I should..huhu..but hey, what is there to rush right, maybe this lone ranger thing suites me better at this time. Maybe if I had a girl at this time, I cannot give her a commitment and just toying with her feeling. This feeling thing is not like a mathematic problem or like a science problem that we can just do a try and error, it’s about feeling dude, and when it comes to feeling, you has to ask your heart, don’t take it as a gamble or just for fun until at the end of the day, it will be you crying without song all by yourself, regretting all that you had done before. I had my share in love experience before in my life of course, well, everybody do, right. It’s not that I regret with my past love experience, it just that things doesn’t go very well that time, but those things that makes us a better man right..yeah, maybe a little better if not better,huhu..but hopefully not the other way around, don’t take out revenge to your opposite sex if your past relationship doesn’t go the way you want it to be, everybody has their own story, and everybody deserved to be loved and cared..so don’t be cruel to anybody and easily broke his/her heart okay..

Wooo..this entry is kinda long isn’t it? Huhu..thanks to any of you who has read this entry..come again for another entry..la,la,la,la

P/s: really hope that John Terry doesn’t go to Man C, I like the Eastland revolution line up, but if they snub JT from Chelsea, I hate them all.. Stay JT, Go BLUES!!


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  1. its not a big deal if u don't have any special in your heart fren..... stay alone is ok...just make sure u know how to chill and b happy always....

  2. haha..sorry la..gue demam itu hari..tp jgn lupe ea,janji harry p0tter tu..sape suh g tg0k dulu!

  3. ello..still remember me?afifahanwar..add my page at ur link cay..i'll do the same..

  4. itulah anez tak nak temankan kawan dia..
    hehe..good luck in ur future my junior..hoho