Sabtu, Ogos 15, 2009

Footbal Forecast with Yapau

Orait..the new season of Premier League is back. So, all the fans are really anticipating for this whole new season. Everybody including me is expecting what to be expected a competitive season. With Manchester City is gunning to be new competitor for the championship and trying to slip its way into the Big Four, while Manchester United now without Cristiano Ronaldo, Liverpool is once again promising to winning the gold, and Chelsea with the new experience manager Carlo Ancelotti. So what’s gonna happen guys? Who’s gonna rise from the ashes and climb to the top to win the prestigious English Premier League title? Here is the expectation.

The expectation
Well, as for me, I expected the race is gonna be a three horse race between Chelsea, Manchester United, and Liverpool. Ooo, so what about Arsenal, well.. I really like Arsenal, but I think their line up still need something sort of a magical. I don’t know, their line up is good with Fabregas, van Persie, Walcott, Arshavin, and with Rosicky is now back, but I just feel its still not enough for them to go way up to the top. They still can give some pressure to the other 3 tough, but I’m not sure if they can grab the gold this year. I like Arsenal, I really do, I’m a fan of Arsenal too. But, in my opinion, they still need something extra to challenge for the title. Unlike Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester United though, this 3 teams are the team to beat. Chelsea with the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti at the helm, is looking confident. Their friendly match is successful, and most recently they win the Community Shield against Manchester United. Carlo may not bring many new faces into the Chelsea squad, but his tactics and his skills to bring confident into the Blues squad might really help them. But again, many successful managers had been brought in by the rich Chelsea owner, but they all ended up been sacked because of their performances not as what as expected by the owner, except of course Guus hiddink..but we’ll look and see how Carlo can deliver this season, hopefully he can stay till the end of the season. Next contender is Liverpool, well with Torres and Gerrard still going strong, this team might be tough contender, but with the departure of Xabi Alonso and Macherano looking like he’s wanna going to Barca, the team is kinda shaky. Rafa Benitez really need to thinking about his best line up and tactics fast to really challenge for the title, they really have a good squad, but, if he still try to do trial and error line up, then its maybe too late for them to challenge for the prizes. Next contender is of course, the reining champion, Manchester United, many says that without Ronaldo and Tevez in the squad, Man U maybe not be the same team as they are last season. Well, I agree with that. Nobody in the Red Devils squad now that can replace Ronaldo, they might bring Valencia to fill the gap Ronaldo leave, but Valencia is far away from Ronaldo, he’s too young, and his playing style is nothing like Ronaldo except that he uses his feet to kick ball,huhu.. and they also bring in Michael Owen, a once upon a time a prolific England striker. Well, Owen can deliver of course, but can he deliver like what Ronaldo has deliver? I believe everybody can agree if I say no. and he also not as fast and strong like tevez. But at least, he has reputation, and he can score, and we’ll see what he can do alongside Rooney, Barbatov, and others. For the other team, Manchester City looks like he can give some promising challenge and pressure to the top four. But I don’t think that they can break the Top Four as they say they can. Yes, they have a great squad, but the chemistry between all players is still need to be built up. We all can see in their friendly how they lost their match, and if they do win, just what, 1-0..they still need to proved themselves before they really can say that they can break the Top Four domination. If anyone wants to say about a team who is going to break the Top Four, I think is gonna be Aston Villa or maybe Everton. Villa has proved themselves by winning the peace cup, and Everton has show everbody what they can do last season by going all the way to the F.A cup final, and they almost shock Chelsea in that final, but still, this 3 teams need really hard work to do before they can really really break the Top Four. Good luck for them though, and if they do break into the Top Four, the game is gonna be more interesting for us fans, so why not, right..

So, that what I expected, and what I expected is not really gonna happen, its just my own opinion though, as a fan who loves to watch the EPL. And for your information, I’m a big fan of Chelsea..and I also support Arsenal, they are really, of course I’m gonna support Chelsea all the way and pray for them to win the league. Huhuhu


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