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Well,just to let u know in case u donno,i'm one of the wrestling fan..and as a wrestling fan u'll sure know about the pinnacle of the sports entertainment..WRESTLEMANIA! Its great to watch..and this year,wrestlemania celebrated its 25th anniversary since its first debut..

Well,enough of the introduction,it's time to rate the matches..wrestlemania is always packed with action packed and classic matches,and this year's no different..

Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Well,as always, MITB always comes with action pack and fancy moves..with 8 participants all eager to grab the briefcase hanging high above the ring..great to see Kofi Kingston to play though,all his move was astounding!! All the participants try hard,but in the end,it was CM Punk that stand victor by grabbing the briefcase after kicking Kane from above the ladder..2nd straight win for the punk in MITB match

RATED: 7/10

25 Divas Battle Royal

Well,first of all,i really doesn't like Kid Rock's show..its like a waste of time for the show..instead of doing the show,WWE just supposed to introduce the divas that take part,especially the old diva that return just to participate in this 25th anniversary..if they still wanna let Kid Rock have some show time,maybe 3-4 minutes is OK,but 10 minutes? Boooring.. Anyhow,the divas match is OK,quite entertaining,especially the part when Santina (everybody know its Santino Marella),celebrating 'her' victory with the dancing..its quite hillarious..huhuhuhu

RATED: 4/10

WWE Legends vs Chris Jericho

Alright,the match that was ignited from the movie 'The Wreslter' first I think that maybe Y2J gonna fight Mikey Rourke,the star of 'The Wrestler' movie at Wrestlemania,but its not happening,well,maybe just a little of it though..the legends of the wwe and jericho match is one of the fun match to watch..the legends really show their spirit to fight although everybody can see how they are really old with their really really really classic move..huhu...rowdy piper and jimmy snuka is OK,but Ricky Steambot,woohoo..he may be old,but he still got the move..i like this old man..he kicks jericho's butt..but,whatever great passion he shows though,he still can't resist the more futuristic move from Y2J..and then he falls and lose...

But,that still not over though,after give Ric Flair some kicks and punches, Jericho asks Mikey Rourke, the star of 'The Wrestler' to come to the ring and face him..hohoho..things got really interesting when Rourke really get into the ring! Then Rourke punches Jericho in the faces and down goes Jericho! The crowd rowl into excitement..hohoho..nice match

RATED: 7/10

Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy (extreme rules match)

This brother vs brother match is one of the must see match in this year's is packed with action from both brothers, and many high flying move involve..really is EXTREME!!

The Hardy brother fought toe to toe,like they never fought before..a really intense match..Jeff Hardy flying through two tables with Matt in between it is really an amazing and high risk move..really statisfying to watch..and the ending,huuu..Matt gives the twist of fate to Jeff with Jeff's head stuck in the chair is really an intriguing move..whoever watch it can feel the pain that jeff's gone when Matt hits the twist of fate..if that is not extreme,i dunno what it is..great win for Matt

RATED: 8/10

JBL vs Rey Mysterio (intercontinental champ match)

This match is another interesting match with JBL says he gonna make first I thought that this match was a so-so,but it when quite nice..nice outfit from Rey,he come out with the joker outfit inspired from the Batman movie..Rey Mysterio win the tittle in 21 seconds! wow,that is historic..huhu..bit what more historic is JBL say that he quit! Quite a historic moves huh JBL..

RATED: 6/10

Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels

This is a classic and a must see match of all time..i'm glad to have watch this match..the greatest match of them all,and should have been the main event in my opinion..great,intense,pack of action,hearttrob,amazing..all of it that you want when watching wrestling,u can get just by wacthing this can turn a man who doesn't like wrestling to a wrestling fan..u can watch over and over again..the match of year..undertaker who was never been beaten in wrestlemania is challenged by the man proclaimed as Mr. many kickouts and final move from both man is this match? So many..hoho..that is what makes this match a legend..trully amazing..really deserved win for the Undertaker in the end,and a big applause for both of them..a classic

RATED: 10/10

John Cena vs Edge vs Big Show (World Heavyweight Championship)

Another action pack match in this year's wrestlemania..nice to watch..pack with action and fancy moves from all the should have been really intense if the love triangle between Show and Edge is exploited and have some effect in this match,it will be more interesting to watch..all three of them shoew passion and will to the end it was Cena who emerged victor,as he FU both Edge and match

RATED: 8.5/10

Triple H vs Randy Orton

An intense and fierce match of all..this match is not so packed with action though, but everytime Triple H and Randy Orton throw punches to each other,u can feel the intense and anger from it..i really hurts! Orton kicks Trple H's butt, but then triple H bounce back more..although the finishing if the match is quite so-so..I was expecting that Stephanie McMahon might make an appearance in this match since she played a big role in making this match a very personal match..or maybe she came at the conclusion of the match celebrating with triple H then hugging each other..but that doesn't happen..i really cool and great if it happen though..huhuhu..triple h got the victory and revenge that he want,and he gets the job done especially with all the pucnhes to Orton at the end of the match..everybody can feels the punch hitting Orton's face..then the fierce pedigree form triple was more cool if triple h does it 2 or 3 pedigree more can shows how angered is triple h that time..well.that's that..Bow down to the KING!!

RATED: 8/10

As a conclusion, this year's Wrestlemania is still great,especially that Undertaker-Michaels match..and a nice solute for Stone Cold Steve Austion..the greatest and the baddest wrestler of all was sad that he can't wrestle again because of his heatlh..although we can still watch him making appearance sometimes as guest or refferee..eventhough it is more cool if we can see him whooping a** again..but,still,he is one of a kind..there no other man that replace this great wrestler..a BIG SALUTE for Stone Cold!! Thank You Stone Cold Steve Austin!

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