Khamis, Jun 04, 2009

Movie on Pau: Teminator Salvation

Halooo..orait its movie on pau..yes,bro and sis, I wanna tell u about the latest movie I’ve seen and tell ya what, it is, what is the name of this so great movie? Ahahaha..bro, play the music





Yes ladies and gentleman..the movie is the latest hit movie in theater now, TERMINATOR SALVATION.


This movie is so great that I really wanna see it again and,anybody wanna see this movie and need somebody to tag along, I am willing to go..hahaha..if I have the time of cos..


The movie is full of action, explosions are everywhere..and the sounds, is just amazing..but, for those who had not seen the first movie (terminator 1), they might fine it a little difficult or confuse about the storyline..especially about the reasons why John Connor’s father is younger than him..but, as a whole, this is really an amazing movie..I give it 9 out of 10..hohoho

P/s: can't wait for next most awaited movie..Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

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  1. wuaaaaa...TRG x der wayang..sob2x..sebeban jeles ini dtg membuak2 dlm diriku..hahaha...dhlah in coming ni cte transformer...sob2x lagi..ak nekad..mau ke kuantan utk menonton TRANSFORMER 2